I drive a 106 rally without diesel particles

Stickers for Peugeot 106 humorous rally which highlights its ecological side.

The 106 rally appeared at the end of 1993. Its mission was to take over from the 205 rally. Hard mission when we know that the 205 with its more measured weight and its two double-barrel Weber carburettors is more nervous.

Faced with this, the 106 offers a more rigorous and efficient chassis. Inherited directly from the Citroën AX, the chassis of the 106 is rather successful, with a rear axle drifting very late, it allows impressive cornering speeds where the 205 is more oversteer.

Like the 205 Rallye, the 106 Rallye has a displacement of 1298 cc in order to stay in the class – from 1300 in competition in force upon release of the car. Since then, for lack of corresponding cars, the displacement limit has been raised to 1400 cm3 in order to find contenders in the manufacturers’ catalogs.

Only two years later, Peugeot took advantage of the restyling of the 106 to launch the 106 rally in a 1600 cm3 version.

In 1994 Peugeot launched a very successful 106 rally steering wheel at the same time as the production car. Promotion formula relatively inexpensive (initially), and well awarded. Unfortunately for the amateurs, only 2 years after Peugeot replaced the 1300 by the 106 rallye 1600, forcing the pilots to invest twice in a row in a new car to follow.

In 1996 the 1300 was still tolerated but had no chance of performing well. It was that year, on a 106 1300 cc, that Sébastien Loeb started. Its performances are noticed by the specialized press but not very significant because almost all the pilots already run in 1600. Many other good drivers have raced in either of the 106 rally steering wheels.

Today the beautiful 106 rallies are rare, whether in 1300 or 1600, but many populate the start of French races.

If you own one of these legendary cars, do not hesitate to display its ecological and good for health side. As sporty as it is, a Fortunately 106 rally will not emit diesel particles. The pleasure of driving a gasoline engine and a car without compromise, without the current unnecessary options: ESP, GPS, AFU etc … and yet a car good for the health of people sensitive to air quality. Long live the 106 rally !!

Size: about 10cm x 7cm