I drive a Clio 16S without Diesel particles

Here is a sticker that will stick to the skin of the Renault Clio 16S highlighting all its qualities and in particular its ease of not producing diesel particles! Every Renault Clio 16S owner deserves his “diesel-free” stickers.

Size: about 10.6cm x 7.3cm

The Renault Clio 16S appeared just after the R5 GT Turbo. This had been a great success despite its archaic but voluntary mechanics. With the Clio, Renault modernized its range and its engines and decided to abandon the turbo for its new car, the Clio 16S. The very good 1800 block caps a 16 valve cylinder head which allows it to display 140 horsepower. A somewhat bland engine, it is true, does not have a very high torque. In addition, its particular cubic capacity was a real shortcoming for the competition, not allowing it to play big cubes in the 2-liter class.

But the great success of this car is its chassis. Evolution of the turbo GT, the chassis of the Clio 16S actually benefits from a perfect center of gravity position. Quite contained in its dimensions the Clio 16S already has a low center of gravity, but it seems that it is also central before allowing the car to evolve easily in all positions.

Who does not remember the evolutions of the Clio 16S version gr A in rallying at the hands of Jean Ragnotti and Alain Oreille. Almost unique for a traction, it seemed to allow to pass several tens of meters across in which the rear never tries to pass in front. Equipped with De Carbon or Bilstein shock absorbers, Jean Ragnotti even went so far as to adopt the opening on the rear axle, so healthy is the car’s natural balance.

Today other steering wheel artists like Julien Saunier continue to play with this car at will and to make it take incredible positions.

The Clio 16S cup also animated the furious shovels of the Renault Clio cup , with special versions coming exclusively from the Alpine factory . or some clio 16S series were also manufactured. Happy days when the cup versions were also road approved!

The ease of driving of the Clio 16S is also felt at the wheel of the production models, which makes it one of the easiest sports cars to take. The only option to be avoided or deactivated: the vintage ABS, capricious and even dangerous, it prevents slowing down in bends and in bumpy parts.

But let’s not forget either one of the hidden qualities of the Clio 16S: it is ecological.

It does not produce any Diesel particles ! Its limited consumption is also synonymous with limited CO2 emissions, much more limited in any case than the CO2 needed to produce a new car.