I drive a Clio RS without Diesel particles

Sticker for Renault Clio RS brand “ZERO PARICULES DIESEL” quite funny and a little provocative …

The Clio RS has marked generations of enthusiasts offering high performance combined with exceptional handling and braking qualities.

Cradle of the automobile, France has several of the jewels of the automobile industry. It also has a rich history in motor racing of all kinds and the most beautiful roads in Europe.

No wonder then that French cars like the Renault Clio RS are among the best in the world.

For years France has adopted an anti-speed anti-sports policy even though it produces some of the best sportswomen in the world. Questionable political choices favoring diesel at all costs have made it sometimes frowned upon to drive a Clio RS in France .

But with the identification of pollution problems, we arrive at the following paradox:

Isn’t it more civic to drive a Clio RS than to drive a Diesel?

If you also think that the French exception in this matter is not justified, say so with a sticker.

Size: about 10.6cm x 7.3cm