I drive a Lotus Elise without diesel particles

Your Lotus Elise is not only sporty, it is also ecological ! Concentrated pleasure, an elect lotus consumes very little gasoline, tires etc … and emits no diesel particles. It is therefore good for health and fully participates in improving the air quality of our cities .

When Lotus launches the first lotus elect, all automakers argue that the increase in car weight is inevitable with increasing safety standards and the public demand for increasingly equipped cars. Lotus throws at this moment a pavement in the pond with a basic car of 700 kg.

A worthy descendant of the first lotuses, a close cousin of the Alpine A110 berlinettes , the Lotus Elise was designed according to the principles of Colin Chapman , the late founder of the Lotus brand. A good chassis with excellent running gear and a car that is as light as possible.

No air conditioning, no radio, no ESP, no leather but an apparent hyper rigid glued aluminum chassis and a rear mid-engine, the Lotus Elise is a true automotive dream. In addition, its face is really crisp whether it is the first very inspired by berlinettes and prototypes of the 60s or the second more modern, its look of a big toy makes you want to take a ride with it.

For all these reasons, do not hesitate to show your ecological commitment which pushed you to ride a Lotus Elise with this stickers …