I drive a Mégane RS without Diesel particles

The Mégane RS appeared a bit like a slightly unusual car considered not to be completely sporty at first because of its weight and size, purists preferred the Clio. It also inaugurated an original front axle with offset pivot.

Over time Renault has brought the Mégane its letters of nobility by bringing many successive improvements up to the Mégane RS26 versions equipped with 230hp and a standard locking device.

This exceptional car will be followed by the more radical Mégane RS R26 R lighter version and originally fitted with semi-slick tires with which Renault won the record on the famous Nürbrugring track.

The next generation Mégane 3 RS took up the torch.

Today we must admit that Renault was right, many manufacturers have put in their catalog sports of the same size from 200 to 300 hp. Not the most powerful, the Mégane 3 remains the best in handling and certainly the best compromise.

Did you know? Your Mégane RS is also ecological ! Indeed it does not emit Diesel particles , it’s time to let people know this good news with a sticker!