I drive a Porsche 944 without diesel particles

You drive a Porsche 944, you need a sticker to show how ecological your Porsche 944 is.

No nasty diesel particles , only good big gasoline engines signed Porsche.

In addition, Porsche has always been ahead of its time with efficient engines and therefore low CO2 emissions.

Lower because producing diesel fuel requires more refining and therefore already emits more CO2 into the air than producing gasoline. Lower compared to a new car which will require tons of CO2 for its production.

And then what a pleasure to drive these cars so well designed, reliable, having excellent handling and exceptional braking.

The Porsche 944 is an evolution of the Porsche 924 inspired by the very successful Porsche 924 carrera GT which remains today one of the beautiful and rarest production Porsches.

The car originally came from a study of a small coupe made by Porsche for Volkswagen .

Volkswagen not wishing to produce the coupe, Porsche took over the study on its own to produce it under its own name and even partly in the Volkswagen factories.

The rear axle almost identical to that of the Porsche 911 uses Porsche know-how , the gearbox is at the rear. Although the Porsche 944 was only produced with Porsche engines it still trails half Volkswagen today.

The line of 924/944 will save Porsche from bankruptcy by generating a lot of sales when the 911 does not do any more. The Porsche staff had even decided to stop the production of the Porsche 911 in favor of the line of 924/944.

The Porsche 944 will take its letters of nobility with the arrival of the turbo engine, one of the most successful engines of its kind in automotive history . In the 220hp version, it succeeds in forgetting its turbo and has both vigor and flexibility.

With phase 2 comes magnificent aluminum trains that will inherit the Porsche 968 . There is also an S2 version with the first version of the naturally aspirated 3 liter 16 valve engine.

The Porsche 944 turbo raced in France and elsewhere as part of the Porsche 944 turbo cup . The cup versions differ little from the production version. An engine kit passing the power from 220hp to 250hp will be used on the production versions first on a limited “cup” version of an astonishing pink metallic gray color while the interior is in a color that closely resembles to “raspberry vomit”.

Subsequently, the 250 horsepower version will continue the career of the 944. More typical turbo and less successful than the 220 horsepower, this engine is also obviously more nervous.

Note that the Porsche 944 turbo is one of the first cars to have used ABS braking in the race.

This characteristic which was not without causing problems for the pilots, the ABS system equipping the Porsche 944 turbo although very good not being ideal for use in competition.

Small design flaw: oddly enough, the steering wheel is positioned too low. To compensate Porsche raised it on phases 2 and adopted an off-center steering wheel, very good solution if we are content to make a straight line !!!

As often these small faults are all the charm of an exceptional sportswoman capable of still very current performances (on circuit and closed road of course)

Even today the Porsche 944 with its atypical look is often taken more for a Ferrari than for a Porsche by laymen, especially if it is red.

So what is missing from the Porsche 944: a sticker highlighting its ecological qualities of course !!!