I drive a Porsche 968 and without diesel particles

Why a sticker for your Porsche 968 ? Does the Porsche 968 emit diesel particles? Obviously no.

Its good big naturally aspirated engine with 3 liters of displacement is even a model of its kind: ecological par excellence, it consumes very little gasoline and therefore also produces very little CO2 compared to the performance of the car. It is thus not uncommon to make only 10 liters per hundred kilometers.

Of course if you drive a Porsche 968 you will produce a little more CO2 than a small diesel vehicle. However, do not forget that the CO2 emissions necessary for the production of this one are much higher than anything you can do.

In addition, the driving pleasure of a Porsche 968 is quite different. This is why be proud to put a sticker on your 968 .

You can follow the exploits of our Porsche 968 Greenbird on our blog.

The Porsche 968 is the last of the 924, 944 series. She even almost called herself 944-3

This is the most successful version, its look combines the strengths of its ancestors: very low height, balanced volumes and the look of the 993, the contemporary 911, particularly in terms of headlights and shields. A particularly successful mix of genres that still pleases today .

The Porsche 968 has a Porsche 4 cylinder 3 liter 16 valve engine, it was and still is today the largest 4 cylinder in a production car .

Unfortunately when the 968 came out, the Porsche executives decided to put the 911 forward and restrained the car. With only 240 hp for 3 liters, its engine is limited to stay below that of the 964 which developed 250 hp.

Combined with a high selling price, this deliberately limited power is not going to help it when it finds itself in competition with the first M3 E36 6 cylinders of 286hp.

A strong point of the front-engine Porsches, the handling is very good and very balanced. The gearbox at the rear and the engine at the front provide a weight distribution of almost 50/50.

The rigorous geometries, the low center of gravity and the brakes below any reproaches do the rest.

At the test we are surprised by the lack of sensation provided by the engine. It is the ransom of a mechanism made to turn at 3000 revolutions ideally but which does not balk at taking 6700 revolutions all the same.

The excellent 6 speed gearbox is very largely sized to accommodate the couple of future competitions which will hardly see the light of day. A turbo version of the 968 will be produced in 14 units.

Very much criticized at the time, the front-engined Porsches were ultimately not so bad compared to the hideous and unsportsmanlike Porsche Cayman and Panamera today.

Its lack of success when it was released allows it to be a very rare car these days, if you own a Porsche 968 do not hesitate to highlight its ecological qualities with this sticker.