I drive a Renault Clio Williams without Diesel particles

GreenBird Racing offers you here a self- adhesive stickers to put on the rear window or on the trunk in order to highlight the ecological qualities of your Clio Williams .

Size: about 10.6cm x 7.3cm

The Clio Williams is in fact an evolution of the Clio 16S. With exceptional chassis qualities, the new small sports car from Renault: the Clio 16S is limited by its engine.

Built on the 1800 aluminum block, it does not allow to go to 2 liters of displacement. Yet this is the maximum displacement of the class in which the Clio is entered in competition. The Clio 16S is therefore penalized in competition by a smaller engine than the competition. To remedy this, Renault therefore starts with the cast-iron diesel unit in the catalog on which the 16-valve cylinder head is mounted. This engine is not much more powerful originally but it gains especially in torque and once prepared, the Clio GrA go from 180 hp to more than 200.

At the same time, the Formula 1 engine Renault is world champion thanks to the Williams team. This is why the marketing departments never stingy with a big gap decide to call the newcomer “Clio Williams” although she has no connection with the Formula 1 team (except maybe the fact of not emit diesel particles). To give the car a “Williams de la motte Beuvron” look, the car comes with metallic blue and gold rims, specific upholstery and blue meter bottoms.

The position is still not made for large riders but the car inherits the more than exceptional chassis qualities of the Clio 16S, Jean Ragnotti continues by his exploits to mount it in competition supported this time by the late Philippe Bugalski. Today many Clio Williams or Clio 16S transformed into williams are racing and continue to shine in rally

The car came out in a limited series but was so successful that unnumbered versions would follow.

If you have one of his little jewels, don’t hesitate to shout it out loud, a Clio Williams worthy of the name does not emit any diesel particles !!! Riding with it instead of driving an ugly smoldering diesel improves public health! Even in terms of CO2, how much CO2 does it take to build a new car? Much more than the little CO2 consumed by a good old Clio. Then yes the Clio Williams even in metallic blue is a green car … You too let people know with this stickers.