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Alpine universe Renault A110

Polo Bicolore Alpine A110 pure White and blue - White / Royal Blue - Back

The Alpine Renault A110 a marvel as light as it is easy to take along. A world champion (1973) that can still be bought (for the wealthy).

Sketched with talent by P Cances, the artist’s drawing transmits all its dynamism.

Universe 205 GTI

205 Turbo 16 test assistance t-shirt red_face

Imitated but never equaled, the 205 GTI is a crisp face still admired by young people today and a driving pleasure that no longer exists, pure happiness. A real addiction for those who are lucky enough to have one (which is my case).

BMW E30 universe

Polo BMW M3 E30 Motorsport gray - Navy / Sky Blue - Dos

The BMW E30, here in an M3 4-cylinder version, such a brilliant car also with a 6-cylinder in 325i. The classic clean line which may have seemed almost banal when it was released but which in the end is a real stroke of genius, seducing many fans.

The BMW E30s are among the most sought after yougtimers.


The car designs used for our T-shirts, Polos, mugs are all the exclusive property of Greenbird Racing, all reproduction rights are prohibited.

T-shirt offered for your photos.

You want to submit a photo to you so that we can make a drawing: you can send the photo to us. If we find it suitable, we will make a drawing and products from it. In this case we will send you a voucher for a T-shirt.

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Why this Greenbird-racing.com site?

Greenbird racing is the name of an amateur racing team. Running a green Porsche 968 in modern production GT rallies, the name Greenbird is a nod to the famous Yellowbird .

The Greenbird-racing.com site was originally created to talk about the news of the team spent from 2014 in VHC on R11 turbo and Alfa ROméo GTV6.

From the outset, I also wanted to promote a positive image of the automobile, which is why the idea came to offer artistic automobile products. The meeting with Philippe CANCES transformed this desire into reality. I fell in love with these drawings and shared a convergence of views with Philippe on what to do and what not to do.

This range of t-shirts was born from this meeting and is intended to show the artistic beauty of the automobile. I hope you like them as much as I do.

porch 968 rally