The 2014 Rallye des vignes de Régnié in a Porsche 968, photos and videos

The Greenbird Racing team competed on March 21 and 22, 2014 Rallye des vignes de Régnié at the wheel of the usual green Porsche 968.
As usual in the Rhône Alpes region, this rally is full of entrants with 164 starters. In the production GT group, few people but the quality with Alain DUFOUR’s Porsche 997 GT3 and our little Porsche 968.

Porsche 997 GT3 de Alain DUFOUR

Porsche 997 GT3 by Alain DUFOUR


Porsche 968 in race race

Porsche 968 racing in the SS of Régnié


Big surprise at the finish: …. At the start of the rally at the end of the first 2 specials I can only note that Alain DUFOUR and his GT3 sticks to us 1 second per kilometer. Then, being reclassified further, we were not aware of his times. On returning to the parc fermé in the evening, Antomne and I came across the all-weather rally notice board we had not seen before. said to him: “but suddenly we will see the times of Alain DUFOUR”. On reading we notice that he is beating in SS 3 and 4 and takes back the time lost at the beginning then he gives us back 7 seconds in the 5 or we had problems. and so suddenly I say to myself “hey we could have gone get him”.
Then comes the person of the organization who comes to register before our eyes the time of the last ES of Alain DUFOUR: 4: 11s.
We had just driven really hard and done 4:04 + a few tenths, pushing really hard. 15 s – 15 s + 7 s – 7 s = 0 !
I say to Antomne “we’re behind, but that’s it just a second loan”
Suddenly each of us takes the calculator app on his iPhone to add the seconds to the tenths of one of the two.
Verdict: 168.6 s for Alain, 167.6 + a few tenths for us: We are first, and less than a second !!!!!
I let you imagine the joy and the surprise which added to the great pleasure we took in flying this 968 in the stages …
Un virage enroulé en Porsche 968

A coiled turn in a Porsche 968

So what happened during this rally which included more than 150 people at the start: First loop of 2 specials: I’m going on maxi rain tires. In the end, it is not the ideal choice, less notched tires would have been referable on this stage where the ground is wet but it does not rain much. It’s hard to say if the 1 seconds per kilometer left behind DUFOUR is related to that or to the fact that I left cautiously. one kilometer in sight in the 1 because Antomne got lost, because of the earphones of his helmet, he could not hear me and quickly reset. After the reclassification carried out according to the time of the 1 ° special we are 34 °, DUFOUR is 17 ° with 7 seconds less places are expensive in the region

Bad surprise to the assistance:
The weather is nice but I’m afraid of the fat left by the first pass, so I choose to fit mixed tires.
However , one of my wheels is losing pressure so I decide to put 2 rain tires up in front.
So I’m leaving with 2 rain tires in front and 2 mixed tires behind, a fit that is not suitable in any case: the car will understeer if it’s too dry and oversteer if it’s too wet.


Porsche 968 en rallye in race

Porsche 968 in rally in race


Second loop of 2 specials: In the 1st special, we finally endured a storm strong enough to force me to put the 2nd wiper speed! I decide to attack and have fun, and this has its fruits: 22 ° and 18 ° scratch time in the next one, we don’t know it yet but we took 16 seconds from DUFOUR who started on slicks we came to the head of the GT . Our tire choice was not optimal but many competitors are worse off. Assistance before the night loop: 20 minutes For lack of mixed (always our wheel losing pressure), we go up slicks. We also mount the headlights but, once in place, we notice that the ramp does not work (following an error on my part the day before when changing the battery). For a while we think we have identified the problem, but it is more serious than expected. At 2 minutes from the deadline, I send Antomne to point while this time we are dismantling the ramp.
Then I rush to try to point in the minute … I arrive just in time to avoid a penalty. Phew

Last night loop
So I only have the stock headlights + the cornering lights , luckily these are the most important. In ES5, my slicks do not heat up (I regret not having put more pressure, and like in ES1, Antomne gets lost and it lasts 1 km because of the earphones of his headphones. We lost 7 seconds on the GT3 and therefore lost the lead of the GT group.
In the last special, I decide to throw the car in all the corners (more than usual) to force the tires to heat up, I get involved and really have fun in this special to finally realize the 24th night scratch time and without ramp having been only 3s slower than the previous passage.
The rest you know, despite all these incidents we finished 3 tenths of a second in front of the GT3 of DUFOUR, 24th scratch we won the cups and the finish bonus. We are very happy especially since the analysis of the times allows us to think that we could easily get into the first 20 scratch !!!
This special has the particularity of having a lot of “corrugated sheet” requiring very good shock absorber adjustment . Although benefiting from simple Bilsteins that can only be adjusted by opening the shock body, the 2011 season was largely devoted to adjusting the shocks and springs in order to offer a satisfactory compromise in all situations. This is also one of the reasons for our performance here.

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One of the videos of the rally and of the other competitors: